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ITEM NO. 2019X1100

The DEPLOYMENT KIT provides the operator with a full complement of tools, supplies, components, and devices to construct, repair, and integrate systems for conducting special reconnaissance, The Kit contains more than 250 individual items described below. The Kit is delivered in four (4) Pelican storage and transport cases and one wheeled tool chest. Two custom backpacks are included to transport smaller sets of select equipment.

Pelican #1 contains tools, supplies, antennas, electronic components to support tactical communications from 70 MHz to 6 GHz to include the following.

  • Set of 12 yagi directional, omni-directional, and log periodic antennas

  • Antenna mounts and ground planes

  • Set of 12 band pass filters and low noise amplifiers

  • Set of SMA, BNC, N, and TNC connectors and adapters

  • Tools and supplies for crimping, soldering, and antenna/cable repair and construction

  • Multi-meter and test and measurement instruments

Pelican #2 contains a comprehensive set of tools, supplies, and technical publications related to networking and tactical cyber operations. Listed below are the major components in Pelican #2.

  • Reference and instructional materials on Python Fundamentals, Ubuntu operating system, GSM/LTS/5G cellular communications, Linux shell scripting, Wireshark, Red an d Blue Team Field Operations, SDR Fundamentals, and others

  • RJ45 cabling, connectors, and cooling cabinet

  • Wireless network interface adapters

Pelican #3 includes high-performance laptop computers, mobile reader devices, single-board computers with ancillary project equipment, spare power supplies and chargers, and external data storage,

Pelican #4 contains mostly consumable supplies including wire, tape, paint, sealants, solder/flux, etc.

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