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ITEM NO. 2018001

The Field Antenna Solutions Trunk (FAST) provides the operator or technician with the tools, instruments, components, and materials to build or repair antennas used in communications systems ranging from VHF/UHF to the unlicensed 802.11x bands. FAST is configured using three kits described below to allow for easy replenishment .

A-Kit (40 tools and instruments) :

  • Standing Wave Ratio Power Meters

  • Power and Hand Tools

  • Soldering Stations

  • Wire Strippers, Crimpers, and Cutters

  • Electric and Butane Soldering Guns

  • Multi-meters

B-Kit (170-piece antenna repair and construction components):

  • N-type/SMA/BNC/TNC Connectors and Adapters

  • Multiple-Gauge Wire

  • Tape, Ties, and Heat Shrink

  • Ground Planes, Magnetic Mounts, and Extension Cables

  • Materials and Components allow for the construction of a broad set of antennas ranging from VHF/UHF to 802.11 omni-directional and directional antennas.

C-Kit (pre-built antennas and cables):

  • Set of 16 COTS antennas including high-gain, dipole and direction WiFi antennas, cellular-radio antennas, VHF/UHF antennas along with mounts and extension cables.

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