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ITEM NO. 2019X3000

The SDR WIRELESS NETWORK SURVEYOR employs an ultra-wideband, software-defined radio (SDR) to provide the operator, team, and regional commander with the ability to collect RF signals from 70 MHz to 6 GHz with more than 56 MHz of instantaneous bandwidth. Deployed as an operator-carried, vehicle-mounted device, or UAS, the Networked SDR Wireless Surveyor provides the cornerstone for:

  • Situational Awareness for Dismounted, Convoy and FOB

  • Signature Reduction and Special Comms Planning

  • Early Warning/Threat Detection using White/Black Lists

  • Monitoring of DMRs for Potential Threats

  • UAV Detection and Countermeasures

  • Mobile and Network Device Forensics

  • Wi-Fi and Cellular Surveys

  • Wide-Area Common Operating Picture

  • UWB Analytics

Donovan Wireless Surveyor 2.jpg
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