ITEM NO. 2019X400

The AMS Expeditionary Force Protection Kit (EFPK) provides a team with the ability to secure a safe house or other facility with intrusion detection and prevention equipment, a secure wireless network, emergency communications, and a suite of plug and play surveillance devices for monitoring the optical and RF spectrum for threats and adversaries.

A-Kit: Counter-Surveillance

  • Non-linear junction detector designed to find special equipment containing semiconductor components.

  • Multi-functional RF Detector for detects GSM baby-monitors/GSM alarm/GSM bugs, GSM/GPRS/EDGE/3G video cameras, GSM Spy phones, GPS Trackers, Bluetooth bugging devices, Spy phones with Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi/Wi-Max bugging devices, Wireless video cameras 2.4 GHz. Noise Generator generate analog and digital audio signals to mask audio sources within a safe area. Blackout Window Coverings blocks the ability of an adversary to conduct visual surveillance.

B-Kit: Secure Commercial Comms

  • Fully encrypted router protects the devices from online threats and keeps physical location hidden.

  • Iridium Extreme (9575) offers real mobile, real reliable voice and data services that work everywhere. 

  • Ultra fast VPN service across 94 countries.

C-Kit: Intrusion Detection and Prevention

  • Infrared wireless intrude alert plugs into a wall outlet anywhere up to 500’ of the transmitter.

  • Door and Window Stops reduce the threat from forced entry.

  • Multi-band security camera delivers accurate, actionable alerts and verified alarm data that enables user to implement reliable, state-of-the-art outdoor intrusion detection.

D-Kit: Perimeter Protection

  • Array of four multi-band security cameras that can be easily installed and concealed providing networked monitoring.

  • Variety of commercial items, power supplies, and ancillary equipment to conceal perimeter surveillance sensors and equipment.

  • Point, mounted, and dismounted RF Surveyor provides continuous monitoring of RF Spectrum from 30 MHz to 6 GHz allows for detection of push-to-talk digital radios, cell phones, Wi-Fi and BT enabled devices. Alerts to white and black-listed devices and provides ability to detect commercial UAS platforms.